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Namsan Seoul Tower



Namsan Seoul Tower

Seoul is the capital of Republic of Korea. There has a tower that can be the icon of Seoul. It is Namsan Seoul Tower. The name of tower was given “Namsan” because it located in Namsan Hill. Namsan Seoul Tower is once the tallest tower in Asia. It is many unique places when go to Namsan Tower. There has Rotate Restaurant, Teddy Bears Museum, Love Lock and Observation Balcony.
Rotate Restaurant is the unique place in Seoul Tower. It will rotate about 48/120 minutes. Visitors use this restaurant for dating while enjoy the view of Seoul. Surrounded by the mirror, it makes the restaurant more unique among others. On the restaurant also has a wall that use for write name and sign of visitors or couples who come to restaurant
Teddy Bears Museum is the only one museum that has in Seoul Tower. Visitors can enjoy to see Teddy Bears that wear the traditional clothes of Republic of Korea. Museum of Teddy Bears has lively illustrations of Korean Culture. All of characters on museum are Teddy Bears.
Love lock is famous place for couples who come to tower. Both lovers express their love through messages written on the pedlocks. Then they throw the key away. Pedlocks contain the name and promise that they will never separate. Love locks put in hedge of tower that make the hedge almost break down. Love lock is favorite place for couples.
There has Observation Balcony that located at the top of tower. At night, the tower shows the attraction kind of lights. It can see the most important places in the city of Seoul with digital telescope. We have to take a high-speed llift if go to this place. There also have an explanation of the history of Seoul.
Seoul Tower is the favorite place if come to Republic of Korea. Beside of many unique places there, this place is the icon of Seoul City. Visitors can see the view of Seoul. Many couples go to tower for dating while enjoy the beautiful view. There are also a rotate restaurant for eating, love lock is for promise of love, it also has Teddy Bear Museum and Observation Balcony that can see the important places in the city of Seoul. If you go to Republic of Korea do not forget to visit Seoul.


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