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One of my favorite countries is South Korea. So I want to tell you about that. In South Korea has many islands and one of them is Jeju Island. Jeju island is the famous tourism island in Korea. It also known as “Honeymoon” island in Korea. Jeju is the largest and the most famous island among other islands in Korea. Even Korean people and traveler always use jeju for honeymoon and holiday. There are three things that make Jeju island is awesome: Jeju island has a beautiful view,strategic location and Korean traditional foods.
Jeju island has beautiful view,green hills and colorful flowers that on the edge of a winding road. It also has beautiful flowers garden and botanical garden. Sakura and cherry blossom make the scenery is more beautiful. Jeju has beaches with waterfall. The sea often used for diving and snorkeling because there are many garnish of sea and people usually look for octopus,shells,squid and seaweed. One of some waterfall leads to sea and the natural areas make this place is very romantic. Beaches of Jeju have colorful jackstone. Everyday people always go surfing in the beach. Not only that,the traditional house of Korea also makes this island more beautiful and natural. Because of a beautiful view,many young people plan to get married in Jeju island. Jeju island can be one of the most beautiful islands in the world.
Jeju island surrounded by the beautiful sea and amazing scenery. It has a strategic location and as an ideal tourist city. Jeju island has an international airport and seaport that are much visited tourist ships. More land in the form of rocks and soil. However, the South Korean government to do things making it a wonderful tourist destination.

In Jeju island, there are many traditional foods such as; “Kimchi, Ramyeon, and Jeonbokjuk, or abalone porridge”. One of the famous foods is Abalone porridge. Jeju people love to eat fresh foods such as raw fish, because they worked as a fisherman so many food ingredients are mostly the result of the sea. Talk about Kimchi that made of vegetables and Ramyeon looks like the noodles.
Not only talk about Jeju island,but also about the actress and actor Korea. Now in Indonesia,the teenagers is Kpop fever. Not only about their drama,but also Boyband and Girlband. Why they like them is,they are handsome and beautiful. They have many skills,like as; singing,acting and dancing. They are professional and support each other in their career. Every their performance,they look fashionable. Because of them, not only the teenagers in Indonesia but also in the world really want to visit South Korea,of course Jeju island too for their holiday.
Honestly, this is my dream country. When I was in junior high school, I have dreamt to stay in Seoul. So that, my dream now is I can continue to post graduate in one of Universities in South Korea. That is not easy to create it,but when I still have strong motivation,that`s not impossible. I hope my dream will come true. Amin.


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